Friday, May 4, 2012

Please listen

Im not sure if this will even be read, or if the reader will even care, but this is something very important to me and many other people. It may not seem all that important, or seem to warrant the attention of CNN, but I honestly can not fathom how it goes unnoticed. Im talking about the treatment (or cruelty) to animals that takes place in chain pet stores. Establishments such as Petco and PetsMart have absolutely no regard to the animals under their care. They also don't give a second thought to passing on misinformation to uninformed costumers looking for a new pet. This results in bad quality of life for the animals, and eventually, death. It starts in the stores... too many animals, especially reptiles, to an enclosure. They attack one another resulting in missing digits and nipped tails that could cause serious infection. They are not fed properly, getting food that is much to big to eat, and food that is not nutritionally correct. This causes starvation and dehydration, resulting in skinny, malnourished animals. These same animals are also extremely young. What chance at life do they have with such disturbing beginnings? I've seen dead and dying animals in numerous pet stores who boast how they care about the animals! "Petco, where the pets go"? Seems more like where they go to die...and not fast and painless either. The reptiles aren't provided with proper lighting. The accurate UVB output is minimal, if existent at all. This causes lack of appetite, lethargy, and calcium deficiency, which leads to metabolic bone disease; a dilapidating curse of an illness. These animals, being only weeks old, are destined for sickness and mistreatment at the hands of pet store employees and the owners who were misinformed by them. I can not understand why there are no regulations that demand standards in stores. Who will protect these animals? When has cruelty to animals become legal, and why should ANY animal be overlooked. There is no such thing as a "disposable pet"! Every animal should have its rights and it's disgusting that these conditions are being allowed to continue. Please, if you care at all about the wellbeing of the helpless...the creatures who have no means to speak up, be their voice! Share their story and bring the much needed attention to these over looked animals. Please, end their suffering.
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Battle

Fight the Silence is a group of animal lovers who are trying to end neglect to animals, especially reptiles. While most people think of abused animals as dogs and cats, there are millions of dying lizards and snakes due to improper care.
This is what we are trying to fight.